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ALL AGES – 12.00 Noon – 7PM


Port Macquarie’s MEMORY LANE Festival has dropped an impressive musical lineup featuring San Cisco, Stonefield, Patrick James and Zefereli, together with a handful of amazing local acts including Bear in a Man Suit, Plebeian Groove andWithernecks.

Promoter and Director of MJR Presents, Scott Mesiti says “I’ve had my eye on this laneway for about 5 years, I just think it’s a cool space and really think the towns youth could do with their own event. Every time we put a venue show on we get asked by under 18’s if they can come so we know there are kids out there that really want to see live music. Unfortunately they can’t attend those gigs due to licensing laws so we thought we’d throw a Melbourne style laneway party with some great indie acts.”

Headliners San Cisco released their debut self-titled album to international acclaim in 2012. This year has seen the band playing a bunch of festivals and sold out tours following the release of their sophomore studio album in the form of the eclectic offering ‘Gracetown’. The new record showcases different sounds, including disco and funk vibes, against the backdrop of a worldlier undertone from the band. The highly anticipated sequel to their critically-acclaimed self-titled debut is set to please MEMORY LANE audiences as they perform their anthemic, quirky indie pop tunes.

Joining San Cisco high on the bill is former Triple J Unearthed High winners, Stonefield who take to the MEMORY LANE stage after winning ‘Rock Work of the Year’ at this year’s 2015 APRA Awards for their highly praised debut album. The all girl group are currently producing their second studio album with Spiderbait’s Kram and recently released a darker moodier track ‘Golden Dream’ which is the first taste from the collaboration.

MEMORY LANE will also feature live performances from Patrick James and Zefereli and local acts Bear in a Man Suit, Plebeian Groove and Withernecks.

MEMORY LANE will be held on Sunday October 18th from noon until 7 pm and promises to get audiences grooving in the laneway behind Port Central in celebration of music, food and more.

Aimed at providing Port Macquarie’s youth with a recreational stress release valve in the lead up to exams and end of year pressure and promises to grace their eardrums with a deliciously exciting mix of musical talents.

With the announcement today of some of Australia’s most hectic indie rock bands, provides significant opportunities for local acts to play with calibre bands, bringing together musicians, music lovers, creatives and party people in search of a good time.

MJR Presents have joined forces with Port Macquarie Hastings Council, headspace and Mid North Coast Lifesaving to bring you the all ages drug and alcohol free event transforming the Port Central laneway into a vibrant and engaging youth precinct. The laneway will be filled with young people entertaining and being entertained in a place they can call their own.

Tickets available soon from and will be strictly limited, so pre-purchase will be essential.













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For further information please contact:

MJR Presents │

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Lisa Willows RAWR Music PR │ │ 0425 814 939


Sunday 18th October
Laneway Behind Port Central
Tickets available online

  • Where can I get my tickets? – Tickets are available online at and in person at The Glasshouse. Cost is $50.00 ( Including booking fee)
  • When does the music start and stop? – Gates open at midday on Sunday 18th October with bands starting shortly after. The last band will finish at 7pm.
  • As this is an all ages event is it drug and alcohol free? – absolutely, patrons can be searched and breath tested upon entry to make sure everyone has a good time. This includes smoking.
  • What if I get hungry? – There will be food vendors within the event, more details to follow but we recommend to bring some bucks for some great nosh.
  • I’m concerned about safety, who or what will be there if I need help? – MJR Presents has full Public Liability insurance. There will be security there and also first aid to help anyone who is in need. Headspace are also providing a chill out space with facilities to charge your phone or relax in a comfy space.
  • Can I leave the festival and comeback in? – You are allowed to leave the festival and come back in 3 times. Upon each entry we will mark your wristband and they will be checked upon each entry. You will also be subject to searches and breath-testing upon re-entry.
  • How will weather affect Memory Lane? – Obviously we are hoping for great weather, and it generally will go ahead rain, hail or shine. We do have measures in place for bad weather. If the weather presents a safety concern we may re-schedule or cancel the event.
  • Are there toilets? – yes we will be providing toilets for patrons to use.
  • What can I bring? – yourself, your friends, no pets, no glass, no weapons, patrons will be subjected to searches and anyone bringing in items prohibited may be refused entry.
  • Who is running this show? – Memory Lane is being run by MJR Presents in conjunction with the Port Macquarie Hastings Council. For any further information or if you have any questions please email us at: For full terms and conditions see below.
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• Memory Lane is an all ages, drug and alcohol free event.
• All bags/containers will be subject to a full search
• Smoking is not permitted inside the festival gates
• No refund, exchange or replacement of ticket after purchase.
• We reserve the right to add/withdraw or substitute acts within the line up
• The right of admission is reserved
• Your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband upon entry. This wristband cannot be removed and given to another person. If you lose, remove or break your wristband you will be unable to get a replacement and you may be asked to leave.
• You are allowed to exit and re-enter the festival 3 times. Each time you enter your wristband will be tagged. You will be refused entry if your wristband has more than 3 tags
• Entry is at own risk. Memory Lane does not accept responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage sustained within or around the event.
• Memory Lane is an alcohol and drug free event, you may be breath tested upon entry and intoxicated persons may be refused entry or asked to leave.
• Banned Items include: glass, drugs including synthetic drugs, weapons of any kind, pets, furniture, laser lights, fireworks, flammable liquids of any kind. Discovery of any such item will result in eviction and possible prosecution.
• Confiscated items will not be returned to patrons.
• Stage diving, crowd surfing and moshing are strictly prohibited.
• Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and could result in eviction.
• Memory Lane maintains the right to cancel ticket purchases of any person/s whom they deem not suitable for this event.
• Memory Lane will run in all weather unless the safety of the artists and patrons are in danger. Memory Lane reserves the right to reschedule the event and change locations.
• There is no vehicle access to the lane way except in case of emergency.


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