50 Cent Presale

By July 31, 2017August 3rd, 2017On Tour
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Friday 9th February
The Crescent, Parramatta Park, Sydney

Saturday 10th February
Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne VIC

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One of the biggest names in rap, 50 Cent returns to Australia in 2018 for two massive shows in Sydney and Melbourne, celebrating the 15th anniversary of his seminal album ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’.

The record that took him from the streets to the top of the charts after being discovered by Eminem and Dr Dre, ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ spawned a slew of hit singles including the iconic platinum smash ‘In Da Club’, Billboard chart topper ’21 Questions’ and ARIA #2 P.I.M.P. The album inspired the successful biopic of the same name and kicked off one of the biggest careers in hip hop.

With further hits like ‘Candy Shop’, ‘Ayo Technology’, ‘Outta Control’, ‘My Life’ and more, 50 Cent’s explosive live show will be hitting Sydney’s Parramatta Park and the Melbourne Showgrounds for what is set to be one of the biggest outdoor urban music events of the year.

With his early years growing up in the boroughs of New York, through to a career punctuated by hit singles, screen roles, video games, feuds, violence,  and most importantly a string of albums that brought gangsta rap into the 21st century, 50 Cent is one of the most influential figures in hip hop.

Rapping about drugs, crime, sex, life on the streets and becoming an entrepreneur in his own right, few figures stand taller in the rap world and few albums hold such a beloved place in rap history as ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’.

These two outdoor shows bring 50 Cent back down under for the first time in a decade.

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