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50 Cent FAQ

By August 28, 2016August 1st, 2017On Tour
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How much are Tickets? – Tickets are  $99 + booking feesfor General Admission or $159.00 + Booking fees for the Platinum Admission

What are the Platinum Tickets? – These are tickets for a reserved standing area up front and centre of the stage. These are limited!

Can I buy a seated ticket? – Melbourne have seating for 3000 people in the stand. A GA ticket will get you access but these are NOT reserve seating so best to get there early to get your spot. Sydney is an outdoor, grassed amphitheatre so you’ll be able to sit on the hill and see quite well. Please check out terms and conditions with what you can bring to the event.

Can I buy a Ticket at the Door? – If the show hasn’t sold out, yes. We recommend that you purchase well in advance to avoid certain disappointment that will come with missing out.

What is the age restriction? – The event is 18 +

Will there be other acts announce? –  Yes, supports are yet to be announce. Stay tuned for more info.

What if I forget something at home? – There will be no passouts

Please don’t bring –

  • Alcohol or Illicit Drugs
  • Any Liquids – Empty Water Bottles are able to be refilled inside the Event
  • Glass, Cans or Metal Containers
  • Weapons of Any Kind
  • Fireworks or Explosives
  • Studded Clothing and Accessories
  • Commercial Food, Eskies and Picnic Baskets
  • Furniture including Folding Chairs, Tents, Gazebos or Inflatable Structures
  • Umbrellas, Poles, Sticks, Banners or Signs etc.
  • Balls, Sporting Equipment, Bicycles, Skateboards etc.
  • Musical Instruments including Air Horns, Megaphones, Drums etc.
  • Professional Camera or Video Recording Equipment
  • Animals – Except for Authorised Guide / Companion Animals

What time should I get there? – Gates open at 5:30pm in Sydney and 5:00pm in Melbourne, we recommend you get there as close to these times as possible to get the best spots.

What if I need medical attention? – There will be a First Aid Tent onsite and mobile security personnel.

How do I pay for all of the  things? – bring cash, don’t rely on the availability of ATM’s or EFTPOS


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Terms and Conditions.

  • 50 cent is a fully licensed event.  Identification must be shown upon entry. Persons under 18 years of age will not be admitted, regardless of if they have a ticket or not. You may be breath tested upon entry and intoxicated persons may be refused entry or asked to leave.
  • No refund, exchange or replacement of ticket after purchase.
  • Persons under the age of 18 will be removed from the festival and possibly prosecuted.
  • Any fence jumpers will be evicted from the festival and may face prosecution.
  • Any persons found damaging and site infrastructure, event property including the fence or removing part of it will be evicted from the festival and may face prosecution.
  • We reserve the right to add/withdraw or substitute acts within the line up
  • The right of admission is reserved
  • Your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband upon entry. This wristband cannot be removed and given to another person. If you lose, remove or break your wristband you will be unable to get a replacement and you may be asked to leave.
  • Any persons found bringing food or beverages into the festival will have items confiscated and may face eviction from the festival and prosecution.
  • All bags/containers will be subject to a full search
  • No glass is permitted.
  • Confiscated items will not be returned to patrons.
  • Banned Items include: glass, drugs including synthetic drugs, weapons of any kind, pets, furniture, laser lights, fireworks, flammable liquids of any kind. Discovery of any such item will result in eviction and possible prosecution.
  • Entry is at own risk. MJR Presents does not accept responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage sustained within or around the event.
  • Stage diving, crowd surfing and moshing are strictly prohibited.
  • Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and could result in eviction.
  • MJR Presents maintain the right to cancel ticket purchases of any person/s whom they deem not suitable for this event.
  • 50 Cent will run in all weather unless the safety of the artists and patrons are in danger. MJR Presents reserves the right to reschedule the event and change locations.
  • There is no vehicle access to the festival except in case of emergency.
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