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James Smith

By December 1, 2019July 21st, 2020Past Tours


Loud, crass and completely unapologetic; James Smith takes aim at influencers, fake fitness bloggers and dangerous health fads in his “Live and Uncensored” Tour.

Opinionated, blunt and often described as the ‘Gordon Ramsay of the fitness world’, personal trainer and self-proclaimed disrupter of the fitness industry James Smith is far removed from the squeaky clean, evenly rounded fitness models seen in instagram feeds around the world. He’s the blunt, no-BS media star turning the entire fitness world on its head, calling out liars and putting facts first, and now he’s heading around Australia to shed a light fitness truths and industry lies, alongside the release of his debut book ‘Not A Diet Book’, scheduled for January 2020.

With shows planned for Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, the British fitness star and author will walk audiences through his incredible journey so far, from door to door salesmen to becoming one of the world’s fastest growing and most controversial figures in fitness. He’ll also be shedding light on common misconceptions within the industry, from fitness fads to flat out lies; taking aim at instagram models promoting useless brands to paid partnerships, pseudo-science, narcissism and the hazards of spreading misinformation and selling a dream.

“Buzzing to announce my first ever events on Australian soil” Said James Smith “An evening with me won’t make you leaner or more muscular but it will empower you to make subtle changes to your life that will last with you forever. Anyone for a beer afterwards?

Before becoming famous for the brutally honest form of PT he’s known for today, James Smith – like almost 73% of Australians – struggled with body issues, and attempted to navigate the complex world of fitness both personally and for his clients. After years of frustration with the industry he has now become the number one disrupter of the multi-billion dollar industry that has been dishing out lies to unaware people for decades. James Smith made the decision to use his knowledge for good over commercial gain.

In his debut speaking tour – much like his renowned videos – James will give his unique take on health and fitness, providing simple advice designed to cut through wellness, myths and marketing and rely on fact and common sense.

Tickets for James Smith’s Australian speaking tour go on sale at 10:00am [AEDT]

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17 Nov Sydney Opera House
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25 Nov SkyCity Theatre
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